Donate & Volunteer

How to Donate

The Gunn Choir receives only a small fraction of its budget from the school district. Please contribute today so that we may continue to offer students opportunities to sing and develop musically, and to help ensure that every choir member has the chance to participate in choir trips and events. You may use the Donate button to contribute using PayPal, or write a check to Gunn Choir Boosters and mail it to Gunn Choir Boosters, Gunn High School, 780 Arastradero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Thank you for your support.

Other Ways to Help

If you have a bit more time, please consider helping in one or more of the following ways:

  • Come to concerts!
    See this year’s performance schedule.
  • Become a Tour Sponsor.
    As a Tour Sponsor, you’ll help ensure that all choir members will be able to participate in singing tours.
  • Volunteer to help, if even for an hour or two.
    There are many ways to help as a volunteer, including ushering at concerts, chaperoning on trips, and bringing food to choir events. Learn more.
  • Join the Choir Boosters.
    The Choir Boosters are a group of parents and community members who support the choir — and have a wonderful time doing it! Learn more.
  • Sign up for eScrip. It’s free and it’s easy.
    Are you a member of eScrip? Did you know that you can specify up to three organizations to receive donations on a percentage of your purchases? This is a significant source of income for the choir. Learn more.
  • Buy Gunn Choir CDs.
    We have a great collection of CDs and DVDs available for purchase. All proceeds go to support the choir. Shop for music.